It is known that in the world of science there are four forces of nature underlying all of our current civilization and scientific achievements. However, macroscopically speaking there are only two natural forces, electromagnetic and gravitational forces that are the base of all scientific research in Meteorology and Seismology.

From Aristotle to present day Meteorology has developed as a descriptive geocentric doctrine that had all the characteristics of natural theology where water, fire, earth and air, had the role of the deity. In his “Metaphysics” Aristotle is calling the natural theology as “first philosophy”, the science of the first actuator. For Aristotle, the first actuator is God.

It was the beginning of the development of valid alternative meteorology which theoretical basis still rests on subjective interpretations of individuals, and how many interpreters as much “truth” we get. For proponents of alternative science, natural force is not required, but only unconditional faith in the “Institute of infallibility.” They are knowingly bypassing the forces of nature, because there is a legitimate fear that natural laws deny their subjective interpretation. Valid alternative meteorology is adapted to the national masses and spread as inviolable truth without any critical and scientific verification.

The valid meteorology at present is based on the physics of atmosphere, i.e., the resultant forces. However, electromagnetics atmosphere indicates the existence of a hidden invisible intangible world that surrounds us and which decides on all events in the atmosphere and the Earth’s interior.

If we know that the sun is the main source of energy, then study weather phenomena should be initiated with the sun. During the formation of some natural weather events, two periods clearly will be illustrated. In the first period there are strong intangible immaterial activities of natural forces, and in another period are activities carried out as a result of physical force. The period of immaterial natural forces, from the standpoint of meteorology is not investigated and as such it is unknown. It should be emphasized that a natural phenomenon does not begin when we can see or measure it, it starts much earlier.

In the scientific world there are only two theoretical basis of Meteorology. The first valid theoretical basis of geocentric meteorology has been written by Aristotle in year 325 BC. The second electromagnetic heliocentric meteorology wrote Milan T. Stevančević in 2006. According to Aristotle Meteorology geocentric science is where all natural phenomena begin and end in the Earth’s atmosphere. Aristotle’s dogma that rain creates condensation, struck the foundation of the current alternative meteorology. This is a dogma that cannot be proved even set in laboratory conditions. This simple, easy to understand dogma, based on subjective interpretations of individuals, doesn`t have no scientific value, but over the centuries this dogma was served as simplicity, more exactly had in the past and still does today.

School of

Belgrade School of Meteorology

Unlike the today valid alternative descriptive meteorology, the Belgrade School of Meteorology is a new scientific approach that advocates the heliocentric time resting on the electromagnetic and gravitational pull, and the effects of atomic and subatomic particles that the sun erupted. This scientific approach is called the heliocentric electromagnetic meteorology.

Milan T. Stevančević as the founder of a new scientific approach in cooperation with Nedeljko Todorović, Milan Radovanović and Vladimir Dučić, founded the Belgrade School of Meteorology in order to publish scientific research in the field of Meteorology and Seismology.

The first disagreement with the official interpretation of the theoretical basis of meteorology refers to the generation of heat on Earth. According to Aristotle, the heat comes from above from the sun.

It is known that the sun is a natural electromagnetic generator that radiates at all frequencies. The heat that develops in the sun does not reach the Earth. The Earth is moving in extremely cold area around the sun. Only the electromagnetic field that does not bear the heat, but electromagnetic energy, does reach the Earth. The heat at the Earth is created electromagnetically, more exactly by conversion of the Sun`s electric field into heat and not by convection.

The heat at the Earth is a macroscopic manifestation of microscopic electric phenomena that occur in atoms and molecules under the influence of electric fields of the sun. In other words, the induced electric current heats the Earth.

The second theoretical disagreement is about the formation of rain. In heliocentric electromagnetic meteorology rain results from the combined effect of two steps of electromagnetic and gravitational forces with the consumption of large energy.
  • In the first step, a cloud-drop is formed by chemical reaction of gases by combining hydrogen and oxygen at the atomic level, which are part of the solar wind, in the process of electronic valences;
  • In the second step, rain drop occurs in the process of ionization on a molecular level, binding heavily ionized atoms of chemical elements which are present in the composition of the solar wind and the polarized molecules of cloud drops.
The third theoretical disagreement is related to the occurrence of wind. In heliocentric electromagnetic meteorology wind appeared by forces achieved through the amount of movement of particles of the solar wind, which after breaking through the Earth magnetic defense abstracted air masses and creates winds.

However, the major scientific discovery of heliocentric approach is the invention of external force, more exactly the first force actuator.

The first actuator of the electromagnetic force which is arising by the interaction of electric current convection comes from the sun and geomagnetic field.

Heliocentric meteorology is magnificent in its simplicity but in order to be understood and scientifically accepted, you need broad education and knowledge in Mathematics.

The first

The first actuator

The first use of the institute “first actuator” we can see at Aristotle and his Metaphysics work. According to Aristotle, God is the first actuator of all weather phenomena in nature.

It is well known that everybody remains in sleep mode until external forces are effecting on it. In the scientific world there are only two macroscopic intangible forces, electromagnetic and gravitational forces.

Over the centuries for nature explorers it was a great unknown which power is the first mover, because all other physical forces in nature are consequential, more exactly apparent power.

Based on Newton’s law driving force in the atmosphere and the Earth’s interior cannot exist inner force. This means that the gravitational force is not the first actuator. Everything pointed to the fact that electromagnetic force in conjunction with the internal gravitational force because all weather phenomena in the atmosphere and the Earth’s interior. We cannot make a mistake; third macroscopic forces do not exist.

However, there appeared the problem of how to prove that the electromagnetic force is an external force. Raising scientific satellites and switching to heliocentric electromagnetic meteorology we encounter with immaterial electromagnetic force which arises by mutual interaction of electric convection current that comes from the sun and geomagnetic field.

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the first actuator

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Long-term forecast for 2018.

Another long-term electromagnetic heliocentric temperature forecast has been achieved in Belgrade using intangible synodic rotation of the sun.

The inversion of magnetic fields in the fourth intangible synodic rotation of the sun resulted in the development of high temperatures in Belgrade as a character in the mirror in the period from 16 to 23 days of the physical rotation of the sun.

One physical synodic rotation of the sun takes 27 Earth days and one intangible synodic rotation of the sun lasts 81 days.

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a long-term prognosis is appearing

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Heliocentric meteorology
is magnificent
its simplicity.

Milan T. Stevančević