The Calendar is a document that shows the year when people in the past reached the level of civilization and was able to write a calendar. Writing a calendar requires a high level of civilization of science and culture. The Serbian calendar is the oldest cultural, scientific and historical monument of the Serbian people, which is based on the immateriality of nature. Serbs have in addition to the existing substantive criteria introduced into their calendar the term of intangible criteria of time.


Intangible number three

It is known that the Serbs as a sign of recognition are raising three fingers. Serbs toast three times, kisses three times, they are baptizing with three fingers, etc. The Serbian nation is the only nation in the world today that has the symbol of three fingers. To understand these folk traditions that are passed from generation to generation, we should turn to the sun. The latest electromagnetic surveys have shown that the cosmic rule of number three is applied for the sun.

When at the visible side of the sun occurs the volcano, the volcano always occurs three times, and the direction of magnetic fields on the sun changes after three rotations of the sun; every stroke of the solar wind with greater density causes rocking of the magnetic cross in the northern hemisphere three times, etc. In simple words, everything that happens on the sun and cosmic space, it happens three times. There is an opinion that Serbs were aware of the existence of immaterial cosmic rule number three, so they took the number three to be their national symbol.

Three fingers are a symbol of nature immateriality and spirituality of the Serbian people, and part of its cultural heritage. This is the spirituality of a nation who can understand and explain the immaterial nature.

This leads to the conclusion that the Serbs, in addition to the existing substantive criteria, introduced into their calendar the term of intangible criteria of time.

Time among the Serbs was built into the immaterial nature, so that material criteria cannot be the criteria of time. In other words, with the material astronomical standards an accurate calendar cannot be made.

Time for Serbs is a measure of immateriality of nature and not related to space and movement. Simply there is no connection between time and physical world, or space, so that the concept of the relativity of time is just fiction of the human being obtained with the help of mathematical combinatorics.

Every nation has its own symbol of time. At the Egyptians and the majority of the people of the European civilization space, the symbol of time was the solar or the lunar cycle. All these nations believe in the cyclicality of time based on astronomical standards, or circle as a symbol for time.

However, the two nations who did not have a circle as a symbol of time are the Serbian and the Jewish people. At the Jews the symbol of time was a skewed straight line which is directed towards the sky. At the Serbs it is a sloping arc with two cross-sections, which is also directed towards the sky.

A straight line and hair arc with two cross-sections of both nations have the same meaning. This is the Galactic arc on which the sun moves during one calendar year, around the center of the Galaxy. The sun needs 220 million years to make one circle, and from the galactic formation of the Milky Way until now, the sun has made 20 laps.

Seven millennia
of Serbian

Seven millennia of Serbian Calendar

The oldest written records show that the Serbs started to count the time from 5508 BC. The Serbian calendar was until the 19th century, the official calendar of the Serbian state and the Serbian Orthodox Church. All administrative acts of the Serbian state were dated after the Serbian calendar.

Based on the old records we learn that the Serbs had a calendar, where the calendar year began in April and it was divided into two seasons, summer and winter where winter begins on the Day of Saint Mitar or in early November. The year was divided into 13 months (herbal calendar) which approximately was the number of rotations of the sun during a calendar year. After receiving Christianity and influenced by the economic environment, the Serbs created a calendar of 12 months.

However, in the 12th century the Saint Sava took the names of the month from the Roman calendar and brought them into the Serbian calendar (Rule of Law), which can be considered as a spiritual contribution to the Saint Sava communion of all Christians. Serbian people still respect the decision of the Saint Sava.

The oldest original document, which is dated by the Serbian calendar, is the Karyes Typikon of Saint Sava. The youngest document found in 2010 was the Cross of Vujan of the Patriarch Pavle in the monastery Vujan of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Both documents are dated by the symbol for the time that is unique in the calendar world, which comes from the Vinca culture.

The Serbian Orthodox Church has a large number of churches and monasteries that were Serbian universities: Hilandar, The Patriarchate of Peć, Dečani, Studenica, Žiča, Gračanica, Sopoćani, Virgo, Milečeva, Ravanica, Ljubostinja, Ćelije, Tronoša, Ostrog, Cetinje Monastery, Vujan, Hopovo , Krušedol, Vraćevšnica, Manasija, Djurdjevi Stupovi, Lepavina, Krka, Krupa, Dragović, Banjska, Piva, Savina, Soko, Gornjak, Vitovnica, Radovašnica, Tavna, Moštanica, Dobrun and others.

Serbian churches and Serbian universities gave the highest level of literary and artistic education. Literacy and artistic treatment of Serbian manuscripts and government documents have been created for thousands of years.

When we compare the protocol used in computer data processing and protocol at Serbian calendar we see that the protocols are the same. In both protocols, first has been written the year, then the month and at the end the day. Thus we come to the magnificent scientific knowledge that modern computer data processing is performed under the protocol of the Serbian calendar.



Geopotential is the atmospheric pressure at a certain height or the area on which the pressure is 10 milliards. When atmospheric pressure has been measured (geopotential) at 10 milliards we can see that it changes depending on the energy coming from the sun.

If the atmospheric pressure of 10 milliards is measured at the poles we see that the height of ten milliards surface has been changed. When through the magnetic door penetrate protons, the height of ten milliards surface will be reduced, but when the electrons penetrate, the height of ten milliards surface increases.

In the summer, the dominant energy is electronic, and in winter, protonic. When the surfaces of ten milliards on the northern and southern hemispheres equalize, then they show equal energy on the northern and southern hemispheres.

Chart Calendar

Chart Calendar

Time among the Serbs
has been built into
the immaterial nature.

Milan T. Stevančević