about us

Around the idea of the formation of this company, a group of ambitious enthusiasts has been brought together, whose areas of expertise include constructive activities over control and integrative activities in the field of Electronics, Mechanics, Mechatronics, with a total work engagement of over 200 years.

The aim is to create and raise the scientific and technical potential, required for equal engaging of processes in research and development, and use of technologies related to cosmos.

Activities and engagements are conducted independently or in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

Activities and engagements of interest:
  • Popularization of Multidisciplinary research, Astronautics, Science and Technology
  • Development of fundamental sciences and new technologies
  • Acquiring knowledge and experience by participating in the preparation and realization of international research projects and experiments related to cosmos and space technology on University and Institute level
  • Exchange of information, experience and good practice between universities
  • Formation of national material and technical, technological and human resources for equal inclusion in the domain of international launch and control services
  • Development of capacity for the engagement of the project, starting from designing the project, through design and construction, then testing the satellite subsystems, satellite element integration, launch, mission control to receiving and analyzing data
  • Commercialization of engagement with market penetration of planning and construction services of small cosmic devices for developing countries
  • Realization of experiments in space
  • Measurement of the intensity of cosmic rays and the conditions in the vicinity of the satellites and the upper atmosphere
  • Checking impact of the conditions of the cosmic environment on materials, components and construction of satellites
  • Research of spatial and temporal radiation of the Earth’s atmosphere on day and night stages of the orbit in the visible spectrum part
  • Security of amateur radio connection via satellite
  • Ecological monitoring of the territory of Serbia

Heliocentric meteorology
is magnificent
its simplicity.

Milan T. Stevančević