why "b" and not "p"

The equation of consonant voicing is the spelling lesson where our (whether ours?) officially Linguistics is properly a disgrace! This linguistic embarrassment (as well as other numerous linguistic embarrassments) is a result from persistent non-acceptance of the fact that in the Serbian language a word is not the smallest linguistic unit that is having a meaning, but it is a letter/voice.

To have a look at some examples where the equation of consonant voicing hasn`t been made.
If we would do this voice change in the word “predsednik” (means President) (the one who is sitting in front/at front seat), we would get the word “pretsednik”. And then “ts” has to move to “c”, so that “predsednik” would become “precednik” (the one who is juicing in front/ahead). Since voice change would substantially change the essence/meaning of the word/ basis, the voice exchange will not be performed because of justified reasons.
If we would do in the word “Croatia” this voice change, “tc” would become “c” and so Croatia would become “Hrvacka”. Since Croatia is based on the concept of “Hrvat” (means Croat) and not on the concept “Hrvac”, the voice exchange will not be performed of justified reasons.

If we would do in the word “gradski” this voice change, we would get through the form “gratski” the new form “”gracki”. As this significantly changes the basis, and since the form “gracki” could be brought into connection with the name of the city of Graz, in this case the voice change will not be performed of justified reasons.

However, all this is not respected when it comes to the Serbian national determinant “SRB”!

Although the controversial voice changing made significantly changes, the essence of the Srb-basis (since “”srp” is a living Serbian word with meaning), the unnatural voice change here must/ has to be carried out! So, our (whether ours!) official linguists do not respect the rules that they themselves have made/found/determined!
The word “Hrvat” (Croat) should not become “Hrvac”, but the word “Srbin” (means Serb) could/ should become “Srpin”!

However, this is only the surface, the inconsistency visible to all that does not necessarily refer to the viciousness of our (whether ours!) official linguistics.

The hidden
meaning of
the letters

The hidden meaning of the letters

The deep anti Serbian essence we discover when we perceive the basics of SRB and SRP through the significance of Serbian letters and two-letter determinants!

SRB = s r b = letters/God`s laws of motion (God`s motion is for creative merging!). It follows that the Serb is creative and literate and that he respects God’s laws.
SRB = s rb = letters/outstanding to laws. It follows that the Serb is outstanding (= the body and spirit of the upright man!), and that he is a leader (because the leaders are most outstanding).
SRB = ср б = outstanding to God. It follows that the Serb is serving the Serbian Supreme God, famous for being the Good/White/Creative God who gave the Serbs the word of truth and moving and creative merging. Serbs are truthful, constructive, valuable…

When a Serb is becoming “Srpin”, he becomes the exact opposite!
SRP = s r p = letters/laws of calm/passive/dead motion. Since creation is based on active motion/action, it follows that a “Srpin” cannot be creative.
SRP = sr p = outstanding to peace/passivity/retirement. And here also follows that a “Srpin” cannot be creative.
SRP = s (letter/law) + rp (rpa/”hrpa” = a bunch of people or animals collected at one place without order) = letter/law rpa = letter/laws unfinished = letter/law disorganized. It follows that the “Srpin” is illiterate, without having any laws and orderliness.

Since “srp”is a curve/humping tool with which people are working with bent back, we realize that a Serb (upright by spirit and body, courageous, proud, freedom-loving and truthful!), becomes “Srpin” – a man submissive, with bent back, a man eternally guilty and eternally being the culprit.

God has given to the Serbs the word of the truth. We see that the creators of these unnatural voice applications are going targeted to establish a lie on Serbian damage.
The word of God bears a large/high-energy value. Calling them “Srpi”, the Serbs convert their divine creative and truthful energy into slavery, passive, inactive, i.e. they become gloomy/ bad/ impersonal/servile…
I invite all Serbs to fight against lies, only then we can be and stay Serbs!

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Milan T. Stevančević